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Single-Family Homes

If you’re searching for the perfect single-family home in sought-after areas such as San Clemente, Dana Point, Laguna Niguel, San Juan Capistrano, Mission Viejo, Laguna Beach, and other desirable Orange County communities, a vast selection of impressive properties are available.

Single-family homes throughout Orange County can accommodate any type of lifestyle, and are available in a diverse array of elegant architectural styles such as mid-century modern, Mediterranean, Tuscan, beach cottage, contemporary, and more.

Why choose a single-family home?

Most single-family homes offer more privacy and space compared to other types of properties. Depending on its lot size, single-family homes typically feature front and back yards which homeowners can use as additional space for recreational purposes, such as an outdoor patio, children’s play area, swimming pool, and so on.

Single-family homes also usually offer increased resale value compared to multi-family dwellings or attached properties mainly due to the space and additional benefits they provide. A single-family home’s value is determined mainly by its amenities and condition, while the value for most attached properties depends on the condition and worth of other units within the structure. In addition, owners of single-family homes have the option of renovating, remodeling, and landscaping to increase the home’s value should they decide to put it on the market.

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Useful tips and things to remember when buying a single-family home

  • Do your research – Gather information on the different neighborhoods within your preferred area, and look for one that will accommodate any requirements you may have. It’s also a good idea to create a list of features and amenities, so you can figure out what you’d like to have in your new home.
  • Work with an experienced and reliable real estate agent – A real estate agent with plenty of experience in the area will help you throughout the home buying process and provide you with valuable insight. An agent will give you listings that match your requirements and will look after your best interests during negotiation.
  • Choosing resale or new construction – Newly constructed homes may seem like the more enticing option, but they may come with a few disadvantages for buyers. Depending on your lifestyle, there are certain situations when resale homes might be a better choice, as many new construction homes tend to be located in newer developments located further away from the downtown area and other established amenities.
  • Prepare for maintenance costs that come with owning a single-family home – A single-family home requires upkeep and maintenance, so be sure you’re ready to handle the responsibilities of homeownership. Unlike condos and multi-family properties, single-family homes are not covered by association fees, so be prepared to set aside some of your savings for potential maintenance and repair costs.

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