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Marblehead Coastal

Marblehead Coastal is a new gated community development in the popular district of San Clemente. New homes have been built in 2015 in the Sea Summit of Marblehead. Properties will include the most spectacular Spanish architecture with Italian influences spanning across conventional residencies to luxury condos. The community is recognized for its mid-sized homes that are practical, spacious and valuable. Having been first developed in the early 1980s, the community continues to expand.

Marblehead is a neighborhood located near the coast. Although it has many older homes, significant building plans are underway to construct single-family homes and condominiums. Luxury living includes properties built on the coast. The homes are vastly different from one another including your modern properties to older houses with Mediterranean themes.

The average number of bedrooms per property in Marblehead is 2 to 6 bedrooms that may include up to 4 bathrooms. The square footage per lot is 936 to 4200 sq. ft. Your will find single family homes, condominiums, attached houses, townhouses and loft style apartments. Expect off street and secure parking as most of the houses in Marblehead include a driveway and a garage.

What the Marblehead Community Offers

Retail Center

Marblehead possesses a newly developed retail center with boutiques, small shops and restaurants. Visit the center to catch up on the latest films at the cinema or relax with a new paperback at the local book shop.

Parks and Trails

Parks overlooking the ocean and walking trails are continuous developments in the region. The community is ideal for family and outdoor living especially if you live the coast.

Future Developments

Marblehead neighborhoods under development aim to modify the area and improve the prices and value of surrounding properties. From modern homes to a community hang-out, the region is set to see major improvements.